Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AutoCAD for Mac Announced


Welcome to my new Blog dedicated exclusively to AutoCAD Mac ObjectARX programming. For those who are used with my current Blog "ObjectARX & Dummies" I plan a slightly different approach here once we are dealing with a different platform.

Meanwhile, I would recommend some news about AutoCAD Mac along with some teaser videos about it.

AutoCAD for Mac was announced to be released this Fall:

The event was last August 31st at Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. I was there to present our company's (OFCDesk) product ported to AutoCAD Mac which will be made available also this Fall right after AutoCAD Mac starts to ship.

Some interesting videos about it can be found here at AutoCAD Exchange Youtube channel:

Stay tuned on this Blog because I plan to cover all details about it in regards to API, how to create ObjectARX applications for it and how to port your current AutoCAD Windows applications to Mac.

In advance, I would recommend a deep study on XCode compiler and Cocoa language.


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