Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Bringing AutoCAD® to the Mac®


Here is a short video with some Autodesk people and some beta users talking about the challenges faced to develop AutoCAD for Mac.

Behind the Scenes: Bringing AutoCAD® to the Mac®

I would like to thank you all Autodesk members for the effort and support helping us (OFCDesk) to accomplish our hard job to port OFCDesk IDC to the Mac platform.



  1. Hi Fernando... I've been programming to AutoCAD using .NET/C#.. I'm one of the Kean W's follower...
    Seeing the possibility of AutoCAD's MAC, considering that I'm in the start-to-middle way of my work, do you consider migrating what I've done from .NET API to ObjectARX, to future compability a smart choice for now...
    In this direction: Is there any other benefit (performance / maintence) of doing that??
    Once the UI is separeted of the program's heart, I could even keep this part in .NET/C# for later migration...
    Or maybe Mono ( would work in a near future?


  2. Hi Felipe,

    There is no official support for .NET inside MacOSX. There are some third-party initiatives like Mono but I can't see any solid future. The DBX portion is totally compatible including MFC classes like CString and CMap which were ported to Mac via Helper classes. This help a lot and avoid you to rewrite code.

    In regards to UI, inside OSX your have basically two options: Cocoa or QT. Cocoa is native and QT is a UI framework from Nokia. QT can also run inside Windows so it could be a good UI solution if you plan to support both OSX and Windows. In other hand, as a cross-platform UI library it doesn't work smoothly with the look & feel of host OS so if UI quality is not mandatory in your product it could be a good solution.

    There are some Silverlight possibilities in a near future but to blur for a immediate adoption.

    I currently use Cocoa for the UI portion inside Mac OSX so I have to recreate all the Windows UI with Cocoa. It is not the ideal solution but I prefer to take advantage of Mac UI cool features than create a solid and boring UI.

    Hope to help your decision.