Tuesday, October 12, 2010

XCode 3 versus 4


One of disadvantages from those who are migrating from Windows environment to Mac OSX is the new compiler tool. XCode is really good but Visual Studio has been the best IDE for a long time.
XCode 3.2 IDE
Apple just released a Preview version of XCode 4 which presents several new tools and benefits but one of them captured my attention: "XCode Workspace". Yes, the current version does not provide an integrated environment equivalent to Visual Studio Solution.

For those who create simple applications with one or two modules it is not a big deal but for those who have to deal with 5 or 10 projects at once with dependencies among them it would be a pain!

Actually XCode 3 provides a special window called "Organizer" which allow you to kind of have all projects placed together but with a not well clear working behavior.
XCode 3.2 Organizer

I think XCode 4 with this specific Workspace feature plus all the other major improvements will really make the difference for those coming from Visual Studio and will make their lives much easier.

Autodesk didn't confirm yet if ObjectARX for Mac will be compatible with XCode 4 neither if it will be capable of generating compatible binaries.

More information about XCode 4 Preview can be found here: 

XCode 4 Preview

On the next post I will talk more about Targets and how they can make your life easier.

Stay tuned.

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