Monday, October 18, 2010

ObjectARX® SDK for Mac® available


Autodesk has just posted the very first release of ObjectARX for Mac. It can be downloaded from the ObjectARX official website:


The SDK is a dmg package which will install the necessary Header and Sample files into your Mac.

It will also create some XCode Project Templates which will create the ARX/DBX application skeleton.

Once you run your XCode and start to create a new Project you will see two new Project templates. One is for a ARX Cocoa module and the other for a DBX module.

The Template will initialize an empty dummy project with a basic command registered and ready to receive your code. On this first release, there are no Project Class wizards like you are used to have inside Visual Studio.

There are also some online documentation available with a Developer Guide and also a Migration Guide:

Developer Documentation

The documentation is posted at Wiki style so it is very interactive with rich content like Videos.

Stay tuned because now I will be able to further explore this technology in details.

For now, make sure your have your AutoCAD for Mac, XCode and ObjectARX for Mac installed into your OSX.


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